Bees Needs - Mary Woltz

Francesca Rheannon talks with beekeeper Mary Woltz who keeps bees at the Quail Hill Farm in Amagansett, New York and markets the honey they produce with the label ‘Bees Needs”.  

They talk about biodynamic beekeeping, the role of bees in what we eat, reasons for bee colony collapse and what we can do to help the survival of the bees.

Mary Woltz offered these links to information about the topics covered in today's program:


Biodynamic bee keeping is an approach which respects this integrity of the colony. Its aim is to minimise stress factors and allow bees to develop in accordance with their true nature. Bees are allowed to build natural comb, swarming is acknowledged as the only way to rejuvenate and reproduce a colony, the queen is allowed to move freely throughout the hive and sufficient honey is retained in the hive to provide for the winter. A system of bee keeping that respects a colony's natural integrity will not only reduce stress and encourage healthy bees, it will also be commercially viable. ............


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